Yeshua – Is Jesus the Jewish Messiah?

Yeshua is the Hebrew name for Jesus, the One who declared Himself to be the Jewish Messiah in the New Testament.

  • The woman at the well said to Him, “I know that Messiah is coming (He who is called Christ); when that One comes, He will declare all things to us.”  Jesus said to her, “I who speak to you am He.” ~ John 4: 25-26.
  • [Andrew] found his brother Simon and said to him, “We have found the Messiah.” ~ John 1:41

Yeshua also recently revealed Himself as the Messiah to a young Jewish girl named Suzie.

How a Jewish Girl Came to Believe Yeshua is the Messiah

Meet Suzie – a Devout Jew

Suzie came from a Moroccan Jewish family and was devout in saying her prayers and in fasting during Yom Kippur. Things like Judaism and Zionism were very important to her. She was afraid to read the New Testament because she had been taught it was full of lies. But when Suzie was fifteen, her sister came to believe Jesus is the Messiah! Suzie found it hard to accept her sister’s conversion to Christianity. It not only created conflict within their family and among her people, but she truly felt her sister had been brainwashed and was now a traitor.

Patriotic & Idealistic

As a young girl, Suzie served in the military. When her service was over, she settled in the Galilee area and founded an Israeli commune (a kibbutz). The group studied Karl Marx, philosophy, psychology and shared a dream of creating a Utopian society. There was no God, but she became active in helping the needy, believing she had found the truth. After a while Suzie began recognizing a discrepancy between the the commune’s idealistic philosophy and the unloving way they treated one another.

Disillusionment and a Search for Meaning

Feeling depressed over the realization that she was living a lie, she went to India in search of meaning. While there, she received a letter from her other sister who had also become a believer in Yeshua (Jesus). Suzie didn’t understand what was going on with her family. So she obtained a copy of the New Testament and began reading it for herself. She was determined to expose the error her sisters had fallen into and prove them wrong. But her plan backfired when she learned the New Testament was a Jewish book and all the events she was reading about had taken place in the land of Israel. She was shocked! Jesus Himself was a Jew. He was “one of us,” she marveled.

Unraveling the Lies

All her life Suzie had been taught to be afraid of the Bible because it was full of lies. After reading it though, she felt the ones who told her to be afraid were the real liars. She had tried in her own strength to be perfect, but discovered it was impossible. Then she encountered Jesus in the pages of Scripture and saw He was so Good, simply because of Who He is. He didn’t have to prove Himself to anyone. She saw how He really accepted and loved others and said, “If there is a God I want to know for myself.”

Suzie didn’t want religion, or someone telling her she had to do this or that, or pray a hundred times. She was no longer interested in religion. So she asked God, “If Yeshua is truly the Messiah and He is your Son, I really want to know. And if you are real, I will give you all my life.”

Finding Truth and Inner Peace

YeshuaAfter saying this prayer, Suzie felt the presence of God and the presence of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah. No one had to explain it to her. She simply knew Yeshua is part of God. She fell on the floor and repented, without really knowing what repentance was. Then she threw whatever drugs and accessories she had in the garbage.

Sometime later her parents learned that she, like her sisters, believed in Yeshua too.  Suzie knew this was hard for them, but they saw that she was no longer depressed. Now she understood the meaning of life was to know HIM.  To know Yeshua!

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