Woke Zombie World

Beginning a woke dialogue

This post is a short critique of woke ideology.  At least, it began “short.”  But it has grown like the beans in Kathy’s garden.

So.  Having said that. . .

“Let the games begin!”

Woke advocates for abortion

I’m sure woke defenders of abortion at Reproductive Rights Rallies believe the words on their signs mean something.

But, do they?

A seventeen-year-old girl went to an abortion clinic in Dallas Texas to have an abortion.  But when she went inside, she began to cry.  She told the abortionist she changed her mind and wanted her baby to live.  But he would not listen!  Instead, he strapped her down.  She begged him to let her get up off the table!  Despite her struggle and desperate pleas, he forcibly aborted her baby.

This story is true.

So much for “the right to choose” and “my body, my choice.”

What good is a sign if it doesn’t mean anything?  And what good does it do to holler at someone with words like these?

When Kathy and I stood quietly and prayerfully in a Life Chain this fall, where no one even made a sound, I wondered, “Why do people hate us?”  Some who drove by let us know what they thought!  It seemed obvious to me: if they wanted to see what hate looks like, they should look in the mirror.

In the woke culture, words like “hate” often misrepresent the truth and are actually lies.

Woke lies


How long can we bear them?  My heart grieves.  I’m tired of lies.

When will they stop?  We’d be much better off listening to Bela Bartok than being hammered daily by this endless barrage.  It covers us like pouring rain.  And it comes at us from every direction.  Even from “friendly” people we would not expect: like the neighbor down the street who smiles with a perfect star on one tooth smile.  It’s like being driven to the ropes and pounded relentlessly by a heavyweight gorilla.

As for woke politicians. . .  They are liars who pretend to defend the things they destroy.  Things like freedom of speech, personal privacy, the right to bear arms, liberty, our constitutional republic, and constitutional government.  There is no end to their shameless hypocrisy.  They are the wolf in Grandma’s bed.  They know, to get elected and have power, they need to say the right things and characterize the opposition as someone like themselves.

This is what liars do.

Quite frankly.  There are too many people who can’t even open their mouths anymore without lying.  And this is becoming more common every day in America and the world.  Unfortunately.  There is also a cascade of lies emerging from the top!  In America, it surges from the White House like the pyroclastic flow that entombed Pompeii.  The White House and its bedfellows woke media and elitist puppet masters are tossing the ABCs (FBI, DOJ, DOD, DHS, IRS, CIA, DNI, CDC, DHHS, NIH, FDA, EPA, DEI, ESG, npr. . .) of communist control in our soup and trying to make it seem palatable with their lies.  And other blarney.

Woke smoke and mirrors

And so.  A whole culture of lies is being created.  How can that be? you ask.  Because the little guys at the “top” are the ultimate smoke and mirrors con artists.  And they are taking our country and our world to the edge of insanity.

Woke insanity


Have you ever seen Abel Gance’s 1919 film, J’accuse (the filming began in 1918)?  It shows an army of the dead from the Great War (World War I) coming out of their graves and marching down a road through southern France.  In a similar way, today we are living in a world of woke zombies.  The human forms that pass before our eyes are often unimaginable, indistinguishable, and even grotesque!  It is a Theatre of the Absurd.

While God created us “male and female,” there is in reality no such distinction in woke ideology.  So what point is there in “transitioning” from one to the other if this conventional way of thinking is no longer an acceptable way of expressing identity?  That is. . .  Unless you’re a girl who wants to be a boy.  Then you must be addressed as a “boy.”  This presents a problem.  Doesn’t it?  (May I answer that?)  Yes.  It does.  Because the word transgender affirms or at least assumes male and female distinctions: that there is a journey from one to the other.  And “gender reassignment surgery” itself confirms the physical reality of male and female distinctions.  (Does the surgeon have any doubts about this?  No.  He does not.)

Even those who are just pretending to be something they’re not, by wearing the “right” clothes, etc., are assuming gender roles.  (Gay and lesbian couples also do this.)  When you think about it, it all seems absurd!  A game people are playing.

Woke, without an anchor or a compass

But if the natural way of assigning gender is no longer appropriate but determined instead by an endless variable that directs the “proper” use of pronouns, how can you be trans-anything?  Who’s to say?  The lines are blurred.  You have lost a point of reference by which to determine such things!  There is, in fact, no anchor in the water.  And no compass on board the ship.  In the middle of a storm at sea.

And so.  The current obsession with “gender confusion” and a desire to be trans are a Frankenstein woke indoctrination created.  With a path to nowhere.

On my way, to where am I going

After all.  What is a boy?  And what is a girl?  What is a woman?  And what is a man?  Some woke people are hesitant to use these terms or even say them in public.  So why would anyone want to “become,” or pretend to be, one of them “because someone messed up” and gave them the wrong body?  If “male and female” are no longer legitimate characterizations, the T in LGBTQ is, in fact, illegitimate: it’s obsolete, a non-thing.  In reality, maybe no one is anything, and everyone is nothing.  The letters could just as well be ABCDEFG.  Why not just toss off “labels” and letters of the alphabet altogether?  Who needs them?

Woke madness – identifying as animals, transracial, and non-binary

Some children identify as animals.  But, if that isn’t enough.  A British man attempted to become transracial.  And more and more young people consider themselves non-binary: not solely male or female, with identities outside the male/female binary.  So who or what are they?  One thing is certain: it would be hard if not impossible to identify as a non-binary animal.  Animals don’t pretend to be something they’re not.  They don’t know how.  Nor is it something they would consider.

I guess you can chalk that one up to human intelligence!  (Not even monkeys do what we do.  Just look in their eyes.  You can tell.  They’re thinking they are no relative of ours!)

Who needs words

Unfortunately.  The dominoes don’t stop there.

Who needs words?

Is the word identity even necessary?  Does it have any meaning?  Why would it matter if it does or doesn’t?  Words are just masks people hide behind: social signals they give to one another.  A “virtue signaling” sort of thing.  Like some universal sign language.  Why even bother to actually communicate with someone else?  Because, in reality, nothing means anything.  Right?  There is no objective truth.  There are only signals.  Messages in bottles.  And “feelings.”

As a pro-LGBTQ or woke person would put it: “Feelings are more important than reality.”

Besides.  If they can play Charades in D.C., why can’t we?  The world is a charade.

How did this happen?

The woke community has abandoned the ship of truth for the madness of a raging sea.  But, once they drop into the blue, they will find: there is no boat, no raft, no paddle, no life jacket, no inner tube, and no lifeguard.  Just waves rolling over their heads and sharks sliding past.  This reality soon becomes apparent.  You might say, it is a rude awakening!  Because there is no ship to return to.  Yet truth is suddenly very real.  Gender reassignment surgery (the irreversible mutilation of children and young adults), puberty blockers, uninformed choices combined with impulses and passing “feelings,” and demonic woke indoctrination have made sure the ship is no longer accessible.  It’s sink or swim!  Yet the truth, at this point, cannot be denied or escaped!  Like a mouse in a trap.  He can say to himself the trap’s not there.  But it is.

Concern for woke ship jumpers

If you have jumped ship, my woke friend, trying to find love and who you are; there is still a hand that can pull you out of the waves, no matter how desperate your plight is!  That hand belongs to Jesus.  Ask Him to forgive, save, and heal you.  He will not refuse anyone who comes to Him.

He lives and will forgive your sins and give you new hope for the future, no matter what terrible things you may have done to destroy your life.  And you will find: He is the Truth (John 14:6).

Woke ideology and whiteness

Though it is hard to imagine they could be serious, woke tracts accuse whites of racism simply because they are white.  And woke training materials in the military discuss such topics as the problems of “whiteness,” white privilege, and how whiteness is to blame for racial inequality and slavery.  But how many of us chose our skin color?  And if we did; how many knew they were signing up for racism?

Skin color and character

We should not be judged by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said.  (In fact.  When skin color is the prime focus, a people’s character declines.)  The content of our character is the important thing.  Not the color of our skin.  You don’t have to be a genius to figure that out.  (All you need is a brain.)  Nevertheless, woke sleepers are unmoved by this or anything else, as sleepers usually are.  They keep banging the gavel because people have the audacity to carry around the skin they were born in.

Do they really believe there has never been a black, brown, red, or yellow person who was a racist?  Have whites been the only oppressors throughout all of earth’s history?  Are they the only ones who enslaved other human beings?  No.  Have they ever been slaves themselves?  Yes.  (At the time, they carried around signs that said, “White Lives Matter.”  –Just kidding.)

The problem is not whiteness; the subject of slavery and racial inequality is much more complex than that.  The problem lies in a fallen, sinful humanity.  There is plenty of blame to go around.  This is what men do to men, irrespective of their color.  But woke ideology cannot, or will not, see this because it chooses to sleep through history class.  Wokesters (woke “youngsters”) think a “woke” tag on their shirts is enough to make everyone around them think they are awake.

Time machines, slaves, and masters

But, if you put a woke person in a time machine and send them back two or three hundred years or more, they will return with eyes wide open!  As for the “gurus” of Critical Race Theory; they will return with empty eyes that reflect their souls.  (What is it with gurus and empty eyes?)

So why not climb into a “time machine” (in this case, between the covers of six history books) and take a look for ourselves at the slaves and masters in the past?  Who were they?

In this post, I present five sets of slaves and slave masters.

Here they are.

1. Black slaves, white masters

We are all familiar with these pages of history.  Especially in America.  So we will not spend time here but move on to less known slaves and slave masters in the past.

So.  Everyone, back on board the time machine!

2. Christian slaves, Muslim masters

This is also known as white slavery in the Mediterranean and Barbary Coast.  “Between 1530 and 1780 there were almost certainly a million and quite possibly as many as a million and a quarter white, European Christians enslaved by the Muslims of the Barbary Coast” (Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters, by Robert C. Davis, p.23).  They were sold like animals in slave markets (pp.59-65,74) and treated brutally (pp.128-135,108).

wokeMany of these white slaves were chained to galleys, the “least tolerable and most-to-be dreaded employment of a man deprived of liberty” (pp.75-79,171-174).  Muslims “plundered the coasts of Italy and Spain, repeatedly filling their galleys almost to the foundering point with Christian slaves” (p.23).

In the Introduction to an anthology of nine accounts (published from 1703 to 1904) of enslaved white Americans in North Africa, Paul Baepler gives the perspective of Americans who read the stories of their fellow citizens enslaved by Barbary pirates.  He writes: “For nineteenth-century readers in the United States, the plight of the captive in Africa appeared to transpose the traditional roles of black and white bodies. . .  White bodies no longer possess full authority; indeed, they become the property of their captors and subservient to black desire. . .  Once-privileged white flesh can suddenly be whipped, maimed, coerced into labor, traded for other slaves, exchanged for money, and even killed” (White Slaves, African Masters, edited by Paul Baepler, p.27).

Charles Sumner also writes about this in his book, White Slavery in the Barbary States.  “Even in the early days of the colonies. . .many American families were compelled to mourn the hapless fate of brothers, fathers, and husbands doomed to slavery in distant African Barbary” (p.30).

Black or white: a slave is a slave

In his book, Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters, referred to above, Robert C. Davis writes: “The experience of so many tens of thousands of white slaves, natives of every country between the United States and Russia. . .made sure that slavery in early modern Europe was not conceived just in. . .color-conscious terms as many modern observers would have it.  Thus, Samuel Pepys wrote in his Diary of meeting British slaves just returning from Algiers and of hearing their stories; at about the same time, the Icelanders were composing sagas about their people’s sufferings as slaves in Algiers during the 1630s. . .

“Slaves in Barbary could find little solace in racial explanations for their condition.  If anything, they might have to confront a strikingly inverted form of racial oppression, as Francis Brooks detailed in his. . .tale of his enslavement in Morocco, a story that. . .crawls with the picture of black task-masters lording it up over white slaves at hard labor” (p.191).

Mr. Davis also wrote: “Slaves were still slaves, whether they were black or white, labored on a plantation or sweated on a galley” (p.193).

3. Britain’s white slaves in America, colonial masters

White servants were the first slaves in America” (White Cargo, by Don Jordan and Michael Walsh, p.19).  But this enterprise began with white children (pp.12,13).  In an effort to clean up London, street children were seized and “held for Virginia” (p.76).  Then they were shipped to the New World and “sold to planters to work in the fields” (p.13).  There, half of them died within a year of their arrival.

Prior to this, the Portuguese had been sending shipments of children to the east for the same purpose but had stopped when their outposts fell to the Dutch (pp.76,77).  Yet “shipments of children [to the colonies] continued from England and then from Ireland for decades.  Many of these. . .were little more than toddlers” (p.13).

The first slaves in America

It is instructive to find that the first one hundred British children (after London began mopping the streets) arrived in America in 1619, four months before the first shipment of black slaves slid up to an American shore.  These white children have been largely forgotten.  But “history would take a keen interest” in the group of men and women who arrived a few months later (p.85).  Even though there was “no flood of Africans” who “followed them” for some time after that (see pp.85-87,169-171), as some historians would have us believe.

A black man plays the villain

One of the Africans who is believed to have been among this first shipment of black slaves secured his own freedom and became a planter who “went on to buy servants of his own, white as well as black” (p.169).  After a dispute with a servant, a fellow African who was demanding his freedom, he persuaded a court to enslave the man for life!  “This was one of the first cases of lifetime slavery being imposed in North America–a black man playing one of the villains in the ghastly tragedy” (p.169).  But there is more.  A white planter was fighting this black planter in court to save the black servant from perpetual slavery (p.175)!

More mopping up

But Britain had more mopping up to do.

The second group of forced migrants to be emptied in America and other British possessions were white vagrants and petty criminals (50-70,000 or more before 1776).  They also included beggars, prostitutes, and Quakers, among others (pp.13,166,167,184).

The third wave was the Irish (pp.13,143-154,180-182,188,191).  The Scottish also had their part (pp.155-167,182,188,191).

And “other unwilling participants in the colonial labor force were kidnapped” (p.13).  This is known as “spiriting.”  This included many children.  But they were not street children.  They had families they were forcibly taken from and may never see again (pp.233-246).

Closing contemplations on white slavery from White Cargo

In conclusion of point #3, I leave the following two quotes from White Cargo.  The second is from an African-American writer.

“This book tracks the evolution of the system in which tens of thousands of whites were held as chattels, marketed like cattle, punished brutally and in some cases literally worked to death.  For decades, this underclass was treated just as savagely as black slaves, and, indeed, toiled, suffered and rebelled alongside them” (pp.12,172,173,256,257,265).  Sometimes they were treated worse than black slaves (pp.187,188,191,256,257).

“When someone removes the cataracts of whiteness from our eyes, and when we look with unclouded vision on the bloody shadows of the American past, we will recognize for the first time that the Afro-American, who was so often second in freedom, was also second in slavery” (p.14).

4. Black slaves, Indian masters

Barbara Krauthamer, in her book, Black Slaves, Indian Masters, writes: “The history of slavery in the Indian nations is very much a part of southern history and U.S. history” (p.1).  From the latter 1700s through the Civil War, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Cherokee, and Creek Native Americans bought, sold, and owned African slaves (back cover and pp.4,33,89,90,97,124,133,154).  Indians themselves were also sold as slaves (24-51,000 were sold into the British slave trade between 1670 and 1715) along with Africans (p.20), and were, at times, slaves of other Indians (pp.18,19).

For American Indians, “owning people of African descent as property rested on ideas about the inferiority of blackness that came to be expressed as timeless and natural differences between Indians and black people” (p.32).  “Indian law and custom unequivocally linked blackness with servitude and defined citizenship in terms of race, effectively making free black people social and civic anomalies” (p.71).

Native American men and women in southern states who had the means purchased black men and women to work for them (p.33).  And Choctaw and Chickasaw slaveholders showed little tolerance for runaways who were captured and returned (p.89).

By the eve of the Civil War, Indian slaveholders were “heightening their demands and control” not only of slaves’ productivity but also of their “reproductive labor,” as one does with livestock.  So the speaker of the National Council of the Choctaw Nation wrote to his father: “The stock and negroes are doing and increasing finely. . .our horses, hogs and negroes look the fattest and sleakest [sic] of all the horses and negroes in the country” (pp.31,81).

5. Black slaves, black masters

“African Americans played a significant role as slave masters” (back cover of Black Slaveowners, by Larry Koger).  “At one time or another, free black slaveowners resided in every Southern state which countenanced slavery and even in Northern states.  In Louisiana, Maryland, South Carolina, and Virginia, free blacks owned more than 10,000 slaves, according to the federal census of 1830” (p.1).  And black masters in South Carolina sided with the white slaveowners when Fort Sumter was attacked (p.189).

This is a seldom-heard, and even less visited chapter in the annals of human slavery.  But it is very real and brings into question the “problem of whiteness” as it relates to slavery and racial inequality.  The fact is, there were black masters in America who owned black slaves.

Based on federal census reports, “so widespread was black slaveholding in. . .Charleston that the majority of free black heads of household owned slaves from 1820 to 1840” (p.23).  And once freed slaves acquired slaves of their own, “there were few differences between them and white slaveowners beyond the color of their skin” (p.43).  “The motive of profit ruled the hearts of slave masters regardless of race” (p.152).  So, like white slaveowners, black masters used slaves “as commercial assets and purchased them and sold them to make a profit” (pp.81,85,96,97,171,180), and shopped for them in slave markets (p.147).

“Since black masters benefitted from slavery. . .they could not relinquish their valuable property without being reimbursed.  So black masters continued to own slaves even when the Union army was preparing to invade South Carolina in 1864” (pp.85,138,153).  “Even when the Confederacy was falling into disarray, many of the black masters refused to sell their slaves, while others refused to grant their nominal servants freedom” (p.192).

Advertising for runaways

Free black masters placed advertisements in local newspapers for the return of their runaway slaves (p.91).  And they also returned runaway slaves to other masters when they caught them (p.171).  “Disciplining actions of colored masters to control their slaves included confinement, flogging, and sale on the auction block” (p.93).

The largest slaveowners

Some of the earliest planters of African descent were “the largest slaveowners” in South Carolina (p.110).  One black man who went from slavery to freedom “became the largest cotton planter in South Carolina.  After spending 25 years of his life as a slave, he was able to acquire 70 slaves and a plantation which yielded 100 bales of cotton in 1861” (p.135).

Interestingly, domestic slavery among African people was common in West Africa (p.183).

A step into the past

So, we have stepped into the past, from our time machine.  And have gained a historical perspective on who the slaves and slave masters were.

Drawing the curtain on woke vilification of whiteness

The woke agenda is demonic.  Plain and simple.  But the light of truth will lead us out of woke darkness, as from a mine shaft or pit deep below the earth.

Do you want to talk about “whiteness,” all you CRT gurus and woke generals?


Then let’s talk about whiteness.

Besides what we have already learned. . .

Here are some hallmarks of white courage and devotion that helped overcome slavery and racial inequality.  (This is not exhaustive.  It is only the beginning.)

Hallmarks of white courage and devotion

*White abolitionists risked their lives to bring an end to slavery in America and Britain.

*White Americans risked their lives to help slaves escape through the Underground Railroad to places of safety in the North and Canada.

*Hundreds of thousands of white soldiers in the North gave their lives during the Civil War to end black slavery.

*William Wilberforce, a white man, and a white Parliament in Britain abolished Britain’s transatlantic slave trade.

*Abraham Lincoln gave his life for the abolition of black slavery.

*The 14th Amendment, granting citizenship and equal civil and legal rights to freed African-American slaves, was passed in 1866 by the United States Congress with 98% white Republican support (and zero Democrat support) and ratified in 1868.  But.  Before long.  It also came to guarantee the rights and privileges of citizenship to all who are born or naturalized in the U.S.

The inscription, “Equal Justice Under Law,” on the west pediment of the Supreme Court building, was inspired by the 14th Amendment.

*The 15th Amendment, giving freed slaves the right to vote, passed in 1870 with 100% (predominantly white) Republican support in the U.S. Congress (and zero Democrat support).

*In Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka in 1954, an all-white Supreme Court ruled unanimously to outlaw racial segregation in public education.

*In 1957, President Eisenhower, a white man, used federal troops to enforce federal civil rights laws for African-American teenage students.

Any questions?

Election fraud and conspiracy theories

In the woke mind, there was no election fraud in 2020.  But then.  The woke mind has been evacuated.

But there is more to this than meets the eye.  Without election fraud, the woke agenda cannot go forward.

So “conspiracy theories” like this are laughed at and ridiculed by woke “intellectuals” (“controllers” is a better word) and disinterested minds (who are more interested in Thursday Night Football).  It’s easy to discredit someone, even if what they say is true, if you can label what they say a conspiracy theory.  So those who provide actual evidence of election fraud in the 2020 election, when slapped with the “label,” drop forthright into a slough of public shame!  No matter how conclusive their evidence might be, it is dismissed out of hand.  Just say the magic words: “It’s a conspiracy theory.”  They act as an “Abracadabra” which delegitimizes evidence that makes guilty politicians squirm.

Squirm?  Yes.  Squirm.  Because, the fact is, “conspiracy theories” don’t usually appear out of nowhere.  Only Superman can do that.  Quite often, there is a reason for them.  Therefore.  Those who were involved in election fraud in 2020 and 2022 (because it did happen again), when (not if) they are accused and evidence is given, have a strong incentive to cry, “Conspiracy theory!”  But we won’t be fooled.  Will we?  We know better.  It’s the old “Wolf!” trick.

Because we know you’re going to grab at straws when your neck is on the block!  Right?  When you’re corrupt, you’ll do anything to save your neck.  Just like the “bad guy” in the movies.  Where no one ever seems to learn they should have never trusted him!

Winding down

I have said nothing in this post about the woke globalist agenda behind climate change or their depopulation agenda.  Evidence shows they are lowering the number of human beings on earth through Covid vaccinations (watch the Died Suddenly documentary).  I know.  It seems unthinkable, unbelievable.  But please watch the videos on these links.  Even though the last three are hard to watch.

Yet, having said all that.  Here in Montana. . .  People are happy they can discard an aborted child who happens to be born alive.  For them.  It was an election “victory”!  Too bad there aren’t more hearts to match our sky!

Some of these people were celebrating!  Like they used to do at a hanging in the Old West.  Or a lynching in the Old South.  It makes you wonder.  Woke people seem consumed with themselves.  And their “rights.”  But do you think they ever ask themselves what it’s like to be at the bottom of a garbage bag because no one cares?  And you’ve not even seen the light of day?

It’s unlikely.

Woke times are wicked times

Christian brothers and sisters, we are living in wicked times.  They are sinister times!!  They are more evil, dark, and demonic than we can even imagine!

We uncover a glimpse of this awful wickedness in the Satanic human trafficking realms.  But most notably, in the trafficking of children (some 800,000 to 840,000 are reported missing per year).  Which is not so far (if at all) removed from abortion and infanticide (60-70 million have died through abortion).  Seems we’re always looking for slaves.  Aren’t we?  Today’s slaves are children.  (The airport in Atlanta is a major hub in the U.S. for this human trade!)  And, believe me.  This does not go unnoticed by Jesus (Matt. 18:6,7).  Or our Father (Matt. 18:10).  The eyes of heaven are always there!  Mark Jesus’ words.  Those who do this will answer to God.

And so.  What we are doing to children makes these times that much more wicked.  And it fills our “cup of sin” to the brim!

But Jesus is our Light who will bring us through, and then out of this woke darkness.  He will help us!  Yes.  El Elion will help us!  Yahweh/Adonai/Elohim/the Lord of Hosts is our Deliverer!  He is our Great Defender!  Our Lord God Almighty!  El Shaddai!  “My soul waits for the Lord more than those who watch for the morning” (Ps. 130:6).  For two years we have been enduring a storm the likes of which Kathy and I have never seen before in all our lives.  Our prayers have ascended to heaven day after day.

And He has heard them.  But He has also heard the cries of the little ones.  Millions upon millions of them.  Their blood cries out to Him.

Ready for the storm

I will close with a music video entitled, “Ready For the Storm.”  Let it be an encouragement to you, my brothers and sisters in Jesus.  We are not alone.  Though an angry sea surrounds us.  He will never leave us.  So wherever we find ourselves in this world: let this be our prayer, one and all, to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! as we prepare to face the gathering darkness.  Be strong.  Be brave, fellow soldiers of the cross.

And.  God bless.

As our ship glides on into the darkness. . .  Through Him who is with us, we are and will be more than conquerors!  And we will reach the light of dawn with His hand in ours.  And be satisfied when we awake in His likeness!  On another, more beautiful shore.

Lead on, Lord Jesus!

We are ready for the storm.  Yes Sir, ready.

Learn more:

Theosophy and Oz


© James Unruh 2022 and beyond

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