While Christians Sleep

“While Christians Sleep”: an interesting title.

Do they?

Yes, they do.  But not only at night when they’re in bed.

while Christians sleep

Of course, not all Christians are sleeping.  But many who do, appear to be awake and quite active.  They sleep like a man on the run, with one eye open.  They see a lot of things.  But there are also a lot of things they don’t see.

So, what is the problem?

I will tell you.

While Christians sleep, the unborn are in danger

While Christians sleep, the unborn may be losing their chance for life.  But does it really matter?  Apparently, not that much.

Recently, an alarming editorial appeared in Christianity Today calling for President Trump’s impeachment.  You may have seen or heard about it.

The magazine, Christianity Today, is not Christianity today, tomorrow or yesterday.  It is an imposter, a Judas.  With Christian “brothers” like these, who needs enemies?  They are allies with darkness.  They pretend they are beacons of morality while they do witches a favor by putting curses on our president.  Not in the conventional way, of course.  But it is just as effective.  And they look good on CNN.  Like a headstone that was just cleaned and polished.

While Christians sleep, our president is being impeached

So, while Christians sleep, our president is being impeached.  But they are not praying for him in any meaningful way if they are praying at all.  Christians who sleep simply support his impeachment.  Christians who sleep believe if he is being impeached, he must be bad, just as they thought he was.  And if he is bad, he must be removed from office.  It doesn’t matter how many unborn lives will be lost if that happens.  “Morality” is more important than saving human lives.

Excuse me.  Is this a masquerade?

Try appearing moral while you destroy morality.  If you can do that, try skiing without skis.  It’s not easy.

Evidently, Christians who sleep have lost the ability to think coherently.  Christians who sleep look at an accusation as justification for the president’s removal.  But what if the accusations are misled or false?  If the simple fact he is being accused is all that matters, then we must also say there is justification for the fake trial of Jesus and His death on the cross simply because He was accused.  Why not just throw out jurisprudence altogether?  Or give it a name that is more fitting.  Like Judasprudence.

My brother’s keeper?

Sadly.  There is more.  Christians who sleep either don’t care or choose to ignore what our president is doing on the behalf of our brothers and sisters who are suffering around the world for their faith (see the video below).  How can we in good faith take them seriously when they call themselves a Christian?

Time to get up

Awake, all you “Christians” who are sleeping, and Christ will give you light.

It is time to get up (Rev. 3:2).

while Christians sleep





One more thing.

While you sleep, we could be losing our country.

See a testimony of conversion to Christ:

Paul Lim – Atheist to Christian


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