Share the Gospel!

These Free Bible Verse Tracts are an easy way to share the Good News!  There are four individual templates below. Each template contains one specific Bible verse that can be cut into ten individual cards. The cards are small enough to keep in your pocket or wallet so you can give them away whenever you have an opportunity.  You may even be surprised by how many people say thank you. 

(10 cards on each PDF file sheet)

Download Instructions:

  1. Click a verse or image below to download it’s related PDF file sheet. 
  2. Print the PDF file sheet (card stock is recommended).
  3. Cut the PDF file sheet into 10 individual cards.
  4. Keep these Bible cards in a handy place (such as in your purse or wallet).
  5. Share the Good News with everyone you meet!

John 14: 6

John 3:16

John 5:24

John 8:12

People need to hear the Good News of the Gospel and these bible verse tracts are a simple way to sow a small seed of Truth among the people you come into contact with.  Pray for their salvation. Ask God to bless His Word and cause it to bear fruit in the lives of those who have received it.