Unresponsive to Jesus’ Words

(This is a letter to Jesus about “Christians” who are unresponsive to Jesus’ words.)

Dear Jesus,

As you know, I am waiting at Les Schwab Tires.  I’m sitting in a soft gray chair with plastic arm rests.  You and I have two hours to sit here.  It seems like you would have more important things to do.  But I’m glad you have no problem maintaining control of the universe while you sit here with me.  (People that don’t believe in you may think it’s funny when I say that.  But you and I know something they don’t.  Thanks for letting me in on it.)

How do you do it?  That is.  Maintain control of the universe while you sit here with me?  I’m sure many a child has wondered about that.  I’m still a child myself.  As you know.  I still marvel at you.  But marveling has just begun!  Hasn’t it?  Imagine what it will be like to see you face to face!  For me, that is.  You have no need of imagining anything.  You know everything with perfect knowledge.

So maybe you could explain something to me.  (I know you know the answer to any question.)

Why are some who say they belong to you not that interested when I give them your words?  It’s a fair question.  After all.  Am I not sharing with them “Jesus’ words”?  Your words.  I don’t think my writing or manner of speaking is that bad.  Though I’m sure they can use some improvement.  I don’t think I look that bad either.  Am I boring?

Let me put it another way.

Do Christians ever have a problem with things you say?   I have noticed that they are often unresponsive when I quote words from your lips.

Maybe it would be better if you just show up personally and talk to them yourself.

Yeah.  I know.  There’s really no need for that.  As the saying goes: you are as good as your word (to put a little spin on it).  Right?  Yes you are.  So who are they kidding?  If they don’t receive what I say when I give them your words, they may be fooling someone, making them think they believe what you say, when they really don’t.  Maybe “Jesus’ words” are not actually that important to them.

I guess I’m rambling on.

Anyway.  You know all that, much better than I do.  So I’ll leave it with you.

Speak to them with your words, Lord Jesus.

And help me be faithful, no matter what.  They didn’t listen to the prophets either, did they?  You know I’m talking about your people.

That’s the sad part.

You’re telling Me? you say.

I think my tires are about ready.  Nice talking with you, as it always is.

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