Too Much to Ask

Dear Jesus, is it too much to ask, to see you on the Sunday morning before Christmas?

The subject of the sermon was the inspiration of the Bible.  It wasn’t even about you!  A list of prophecies that were fulfilled when you came was read quickly near the end.  Though we were grateful for that, sadly, you were little more than a footnote.  From there the sermon could have soared to great heights on the wings of your splendor!  But it was not to be.

Is it too much to ask?

I miss the babe in Bethlehem.  When will we see you, Lord Jesus?  When will we celebrate the wonder and beauty of the One in whom the Father delights?

How can I doubt our pastors’ love for you?  I shouldn’t.  I have no right to.  But how can I understand when they fail to find in you the most wonderful subject for contemplation, especially at Christmastime?  You are the pearl of great price at any season.

When will we do more than just sing, “O come, let us adore Him”?

(Fourth of four personal letters written in October-December 2011.)

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