The American Flag

Burning the American flag

Most of us have seen “Americans” burning the American flag.  It is legal in America and, you could say, we are free in America to express ourselves in this way.  But who can understand it?  It’s like going out on the ocean in a boat and setting your boat on fire.  What will you do in the middle of the ocean without a boat?  And where will you go if you don’t have America?  Where do you plan to find freedom when America sinks like your burning boat beneath the waves?

Dying for the American flag

Over 1,000,000 men and women have given their lives so we could have America.  They sacrificed their lives so we could be free.

But these lives don’t seem to matter, do they?. . .not even the black ones, to those who hate America.  For those of you who despise America, my question is this: why don’t you leave?  Why not live in Cuba or Venezuela or China or North Korea?  Then you will understand what it means to be free.  And then you will know how stupid it is to burn your boat in the middle of the ocean.

But as Forrest Gump would say: “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Looking for our flag

Thank God, we are still free.  But, just barely, it seems.  And sometimes we wonder if we really are.

Thank you, Jesus.  It appears we still have America.  The star-spangled banner still waves over our country.  But we continue to look apprehensively through our window each morning to see if it is still there.

the American flag

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  1. Wes Flint says:

    Love it, thanks Brother.

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