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The “Imminent” Return of Jesus from a NT Vantage

It is common to find statements like “We believe in the imminent return of Jesus” in confessions of faith.  But what if we step back into the pages of the Gospels and epistles and find it is not there? Does … Continue reading

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I Am Living Forevermore

“I am living forevermore.” These are words from Jesus.  He said them nearly two thousand years ago.  Yet the reality they express never changes.  This is evident in their very nature: “I am living forevermore.” These words remain firm in … Continue reading

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Maybe Someday You Will Be the Hero in Someone’s Sermon

Dear Jesus, for me, you are the real hero in any sermon. But, once again, the most wonderful opportunity to glorify you was missed!  The sermon text was Daniel chapter 10.  I don’t know how a more detailed description of … Continue reading

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