Stupid: The New Face of Intelligence

Stupid is the new face of intelligence in our world

stupidNo need in beating around the bush: our world is stupid.  America is also stupid.  I’m not saying everyone in America is stupid.  Nor is everyone in the world stupid.  Only those who think they are smart: who think they are smarter, that is, than the rest of us, and feel they need to inform everyone else about what is true and real.  And what is right and wrong.

For, in case you haven’t noticed, today it is the “intelligent” who are the most noted for their stupidity.  As the Bible says.  “Affirming [pretending] to be wise, they became fools” (Rom. 1:22).

This is self-evident in the examples of stupid I give below.  But, can anyone find any actual or measurable amount of intelligence in them?

Try measuring the snow depth in Miami Beach in July.

Yet, stupid is the new face of “intelligence” in America, and the world, today.

The following are a few examples of this. . .

Examples of stupid

1.  Today’s “intellectual elite” despise the sons and daughters of yesterday’s heroes.  It doesn’t matter if their fathers’ names were Martin or Robert.  Or if there are monuments celebrating their fathers’ positive contributions to society.

stupidThey just write them off.  It’s easy!  How can that be? you ask.  Because the breeze blows freely through their minds, in one ear canal and out the other, unimpeded by thoughts of any significance.

2.  They falsely accuse the innocent, which leads to the imprisonment of those who are not guilty, while criminals in suits and ties (some in dresses) roam freely through the halls of the Capitol and the rooms of the White House.

3.  They say babies’ lives can be ended after they are born, by doctors who took a Hypocritic Oath, as long as the babies are kept comfortable until they are destroyed.  At the same time, they say we must fight climate change so our children can have a future.

“My body, my choice”

And so.  Naturally, “my body, my choice” is a popular slogan today.  And it follows the theme of this post well.  Because a mother who decides to terminate her pregnancy through abortion, or end her baby’s life after it is born, does no harm to her body.  This is not rocket science.  (Pardon the overused term.)  She makes a decision that will affect the future of someone else’s body.  She can go on with her life as if nothing has happened.  As for the baby, it means the end of their life.

Oh.  By the way.  If you believe in this slogan, perhaps you could tell me. . .  How long is “my body, my choice” good for?  Is the little one who lived inside you still your body when they are a teenager?

So, let’s call a spade what it is.  This “woman’s right” is, in fact, just another form of slavery.  The unborn, and now newborn infants, are regarded as a woman’s property, to do with as she pleases.

A great-grandmother for choice, and a final example of stupid

Recently I read about “a great-grandmother for choice” at a “Reproductive Rights Rally.”    This woman felt a sense of pride in being a great-grandmother while advocating for something that will most likely destroy the possibility for others to ever become one.  It wasn’t someone’s choice to terminate babies’ lives that made her a great-grandmother.  “Excuse me, Ma’am.  I don’t mean to be nosy.  But it seems to me you’re with the wrong group.  Are you sure you want to stand in this line?  Are you sure you want to hold that sign?”

Example #4.  The “intelligent” have their minds set on creating a socialist/communist state in America and the world.  It matters not if Stalin killed 60-66 million while the peasants, whom communism was supposed to benefit, starved to death.  Or if Mao killed 50-70 million.  To say nothing of the CCP’s brutal treatment of Christians, Uyghurs, and Falun Gong practitioners.

They seem determined, if not anxious, to repeat history: seeing as how they prefer to ignore it.  But almost anyone can tell you that if there is any possibility there will be a pit nearby, the blind will fall into it.

Maybe I’m too simple to ever be stupid.  For one thing.  I stopped worrying about pronouns a long time ago.  The minute I walked out of Grammar Class.  And that was when there was a reason to use them.

Taking down the billboard sign

But why advertise for stupid?

There is much more we could say.  But this is enough.

Except for this.  “Come, Lord Jesus!” (Rev. 22:20)

If you’d like, you can also watch Dion’s live performance of this song in 1968 after Bobby Kennedy was assassinated.

See a letter to Jesus:

My Jesus, I Love You


© James Unruh 2022 and beyond

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    Very good points. Socialism lets central planners make the decisions. A Republic lets the people decide with their vote. So many are proud Socialists without realizing that they would be giving up their choice.

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