Minds. Who Needs Them?

Minds.  Who needs them?


Minds.  Who needs them?

We’re much better off if our minds are a page that “has been intentionally left blank.”  Imagine how much more we can contribute to society if we don’t have minds!  If we are all empty heads, the world can finally be one.

Not that it will matter anymore.

Nothing will matter all that much then.

But mindlessness is bliss.  Why be concerned about ignorance?  Throw away your mind.  And there will be no more ignorance.

Hopefully, there’s someone at the top who has a mind.  But if there isn’t, it’s not a problem.  If we have no minds, we have no worries.  Right?

What’s that?

You don’t get what I’m saying?

Be happy

Don’t you remember what the government told us?  “You will own nothing and be happy.”  That includes your mind, man.  So donate your brain to science or toss it in a garbage can, like everything else the government wants to take from you.  And you will be happy!

And then.  You can do whatever you’re told!  There’ll be no more conflicts with conscience, convictions, or beliefs.  There’ll be no more heads with opinions.  Imagine that!  It’s something worth striving for.

Then you’ll bang your heels together, with a salute, and say, “Yes sir!”  Or, “Yes ma’am!”  Or, “Yes whoever you are!” for those you’re not sure about.  That’s one thing you can say about the twenty-first century!  Our heads may be empty.  But they come in a rainbow of colors and are easily identified with letters from the alphabet.  (For those who are learning to read.)  We’re not that different than the carnival of abnormalities in Star Trek’s Next Generation and J.R.R. Tolkien’s Trilogy.  Or the freak shows in the olden days.

But that’s something we can all be proud of.  Don’t you think?

Minds.  Who wants them?

Of course, it is.


So I say, Minds: who wants them?

In fact.  Down with minds!

Just say yes, and accept whatever you are told.  Do it for the world!  Better yet.  You can do it for the human race!  Do it to fight climate change and racism!  Do it for polar bears!  Stop thinking only about yourself and your loved ones.  (But be sure your senator and congresswoman are well-fed.)

Okay.  Shame on me.  I’ll stop being so selfish.  You’re right.  You’re always right.

(Even when you’re wrong and I catch you lying.)

I’ll wear a mask.  I’ll wear two.  And I will even wear three if you want me to, and a faceguard for good measure.

Did you ask for my arm?  Here it is.  Give me a shot.

Give me two.

You can give me a shot in both arms if you like.

Sure.  I’ll take another one in September.

And another at Christmas.  And two more after New Years’.

I agree.  They are safe and effective.

Especially if I wear a mask.

I agree.  Government is my god who will protect me from me.  For I am my worst enemy.

And my mind is not my friend.

Gee.  I seem to be thinking someone else’s thoughts.

How did that happen?

Conformation vs. transformation

There is a solution.

As the Apostle Paul says in the Bible.  “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so you may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”  That is Romans 12.  And if that is true, as it, in fact, is.  It means conformation could act as an immunization against transformation.

So.  Maybe our minds will come in handy after all.

And so, I say, Down with conformity!  (Another word for communism.)  Be a non-conformist!  Who wants to be like everybody else?  There are enough of them already.  Why not try looking at everyone and everything around you with your own eyes?  But even better yet.  Look at the world around you through the eyes of Christ!  After all.  The Bible says, if we belong to Jesus, “We have the mind of Christ” (I Cor. 2:16).  We can look through His eyes.  And you know what?

That will make us wise.

Say.  You have beautiful eyes.

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