Are We Listening to You?

Dear Jesus, are we listening to you?

That is something I wanted to talk to you about yesterday.  Other things called for my attention, so I put it off till today.

Seeing as how it was warm and sunny, Kathy and I walked to church yesterday morning.  It has been a hot summer.  It’s not even August yet.  You have a reason for this, don’t you?

Kathy was beautiful in her flowery dress!  I told her so.  Sometimes she responds by saying, “You’re crazy,” but she likes it when I tell her she’s beautiful.  She may not let on to it.  I’m amazed she made the dress herself.  You have given her many talents.  Comments on how nice she looked in her dress, were forthcoming the moment we stepped in the church door.  I don’t know if anyone noticed there was someone with her.  (I’m being humorous.)

I want to thank you, once again, for listening to me.  But. . .

Are we listening to you?

How can I understand what I’m about to say?  That sounds funny.  You know what I mean.
Sunday morning a sermon was given from Luke 9.  You were given glory in the sermon.  Your authority was recognized.  But, strange as it may be: in the same sermon your glory and authority were snatched from you.

So yesterday was a sad day for me.  Also for Kathy.  I wonder if it was for you.

You know I don’t want to put down my brother.  I want to think highly of him in love, as your Word says.  I’ve known him for many years.  But do you think he wants a personal guru like me hanging around, twisting his ear after church?  It’s true: I’d rather do that than eat popcorn.  Usually, I don’t say a word.  Then I wonder if I should have because it is my greatest desire to honor you and defend the truth.  I’m glad I can talk to you about this.

Please help both my brother and me walk in truth.

You heard the sermon.  I don’t understand how someone can stress the importance of your Father’s command to listen to you (Luke 9:35) while he refuses to submit to what you said about John the Baptist.  Do you?  Of course, you do, because you know everything.

You said John was Elijah who was to come.  Even a child can understand you meant by this, John was fulfilling the prophecy in Malachi (Mal. 4:5,6).  You said plainly, “Elijah has already come.”  Our pastor says, “Elijah is still coming.”  He’s not listening, yet he tells us to listen to you.  Sorry, Jesus, but you have been overruled!  This was done in order to maintain an eschatological system and a literal return of Elijah.  Am I correct?  So your words were ignored: of little if any importance or significance.  Your words were swept under a “theological” rug.  You must admit, this is a convenient way to get rid of them.  It seems very noble.

So, are we listening to you?  In this case, no.

It was necessary to render your words ineffective and powerless to protect a preconceived “hermeneutical” notion.  Unfortunately, there remains a simple, unanswered question.  You and I both know there is a problem.  If Elijah has come, as you said, why would we look for him again?  Wouldn’t that be like being disobedient to your word, or being forgetful hearers or something?  Correct me if I am wrong.  Didn’t you mean by “Elijah has already come” that Elijah has already come?  How many times should we expect him?  How many times will he be calling?  Why are we still looking for a fulfillment?  This is what Israel does to you.  I don’t think the church should be doing it too.

It is obvious your words are less important to us than a theological system we adhere to.  Shouldn’t a system like that be thrown out?  At least questioned?  Instead, as you know, it is celebrated, often mindlessly, by a lot of “Christians” who seem to just accept it, without considering its implications and the destructive power it has on truth.  In this way, your authority was taken and replaced by a man’s opinion.

Your glory was also taken.  Some pastors never tire of putting your glory in a future earthly kingdom.  The time has come to speak out.  The kingdom is now.  It is spiritual.  It is eternal.  It’s possessed by the “little flock,” as you yourself have said.  It is closely associated with the Gospel.  At the beginning of Luke 9, you sent out the twelve “to preach the kingdom of God.”  What did they do?  They “preached the Gospel.”

Sometimes I wonder if it even matters to dispensationalists what the Bible says!  They have made up their minds.  “We must take your glory from you, Jesus Christ,” they say.  “It is reserved for a future, earthly millennium.”  Since when does the body tell the Head how and when to wear His glory?  The church is delusional.  It is also proud.  It imagines it is a neck that turns the Head!

I’ve said enough.  Could you relay this message, please?

(A personal letter written in July 2014.)

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