When Addey died, she was deeply loved.  Hundreds attended her funeral.  There were not enough chairs to seat all the people who came.  Afterward, a long line of cars followed the hearse to the side of a hill.

She was loved by everyone

She was loved by everyone who knew her.

On her deathbed she was surrounded by her children and grandchildren; even some great-grandchildren who asked her not to leave.  She had been the joy of their lives as they had been to her.  She never forgot a single birthday and always baked a cake as long as she was able.

Her husband departed several years before.  It broke her heart to see him go.  They were married nearly sixty years when he passed away.  They had traveled around the world and done many things together and were the love of each other’s life.

Addey also brought joy to her mother and father, caring for them to old age.

She was always concerned about others.  From early adulthood, Addey reached out to the poor and needy in her community and in other places in the world she and her husband traveled.  She was always there for them.  Many lives were changed because of her giving heart.

As a young lady, she loved to walk with Jesus along the bay.  She loved to watch seagulls carry the breeze in their wings.  It seems she was able to fly with them.  She loved music too.  Addey often sat with her toes in the sand, listening to Beethoven.  Actually, she loved all kinds of music.

When she was a little girl she loved chasing butterflies and sitting in a field of daisies.  She looked just like one of them when she sat among daisies.

As a preschooler, she loved going to the ice cream shop with her mommy.  A strawberry cone was her favorite.  Her bedroom was brightly colored.  Pink was her favorite color.  A teddy bear with blue eyes was her best friend at bedtime.

But this is only a dream.  None of it, or anything else that might have been, can ever be.

Before she was born, Addey’s head and other body parts were pulled from her mother’s womb and placed in a jar.

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    Please pray for healing between my brother and the rest of us, his 10 living siblings, particularly our youngest sister. Praise and thank you Jesus

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